Friday, September 12, 2014

Invisible Illness Week and Friendships

The week September of September 9-14 is Invisible Illness Awareness. An invisible illness is an illness that another cannot detect by just looking at a person. There are numerous invisible illnesses that healthy appearing folks are struggling with on a daily basis. Invisible illness can impact not only how a person physically feels but can also change their ability to function in arenas such as employment and relationships. I myself struggle with two invisible illnesses. If I am gussied up and have a smile pasted on my face you would never guess I  have both a form of chronic leukemia that requires daily low dose chemotherapy and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Many of my MSC blogging sisters have written great articles about invisible illnesses this week and how it impacts us. The one I find myself most desiring to reblog is the one that shares how MCS impacts our friends and loved ones that was written by Colleen on her blog Life in the City with a Future.

The road to a friends place is never long! Especially if nontoxic!

I can say I have been blessed to have friends and family members who do go above and beyond to accommodate me to safely spend times in their homes and to safely visit me in mine. Colleen describes how such a friend has done that for her. These special friends will never fully understand the huge impact and incredible blessing they each are to me!

My dear friend Lynn from Iowa was here to visit me on Labor day

Colleen's informative blog where her friend Beth also shares a friends perspective can be read here

May increasing our knowledge break down tendencies to judge, and rather, help us to foster understanding, build friendships and produce love!



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