Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rock Music

This weekend we had out of town guests visiting us  from Arizona. Saturday we drove them to a nearby El Dorado Canyon at the base of the Colorado Front Range where there are numerous trail heads. When we arrived each of us was entranced by the nearby stream tumbling down the rocky canyon. Our Arizona guests were extra thrilled by all the rushing water.

 Instead of following a trail we clambered over boulders following the stream. I was the only female in the group and soon found out my hubby and the other two men were five year old boys disguised in men's bodies.They were soon egging each other to jump from one boulder across the stream to another boulder. These antics resulted in two of the three ending up with wet shoes and clothes and one nearly drowned cell phone. I spent time laughing at the "boys" and documenting it with my cell phone camera.

My hubby Joel who was the oldest "boy" in the group

See what I mean when I say they are still 5 year old boys hidden inside man bodies!

The creek tumbled over boulders in a narrow canyon with several small cascading waterfalls and a wonderful rushing sound. This was no babbling brook. This was thundering rock music in its most natural form! The roaring waters at times made it hard to hear each other especially when the guys were on the opposite side. Our senses were filled with overwhelming sights, smells and sounds of God's glorious creation in this canyon.

Mightier than the thunders of many waters, 
mightier than the waves of the sea,
 the LORD on high is mighty!
Psalm 93:4

May this mighty LORD bless you this week



  1. Love it Deb! Miss you! Who were your Az. friends?

  2. Dale and Kyle from the Ticson church were up for the ordination board. When they were done, we had time to give them a Colorado experience!