Monday, September 8, 2014

Glimpses of God at Work

We received news Friday August 29 that my husband was going to be part of a major lay-off at the company he has worked with for over 15 years. His last day at work will be October 10. We were both shocked by the news. My hubby was saddened because enjoys his work and has very good relationships with co-workers that he has known between 5-15 years. Though we don't know the future and looking at unemployment is scary, we did not feel our world tilted or fell apart. Instead we felt God's presence and peace and saw His body rally around us to pray, encourage, network, write resumes and recommendations. We feel hope and peace and are anticipating what God will do in the near future.

God was so gracious and His timing so perfect. I had a good week digging in the word and reading in Philippians which had prepared my heart. That morning I had another set of IV treatments of Meyer's Cocktail and glutathione. The Myer's Cocktail has, among many other ingredients, a high dose of magnesium which is very relaxing. Then that afternoon as Joel was getting the news of his lay off, I was getting a free hour massage for new patients at my chiropractor's. So I was very calm and relaxed when I received the news. 

God has enabled us through our prayers and prayers of many to both remain calm, resting in the knowledge God has a sovereign plan and none of this takes Him by surprise. We have had more peace than humanly possible in these circumstances. I know the true test of walking in faith will come when the last pay check arrives. We are purposing to keep focused on our Savior and the knowledge that He does have a perfect plan for our lives for our eternal good and His glory and our asking all our friends to pray for us to do that as well as pray for another job.

The first evening as we talked and prayed we once again remembered a favorite story from the Bible. This story takes place in 1 Samuel 30. In the story David and his 600 mighty men return home to find their home town Ziklag burned to the ground and all their women and children had been taken captive by their enemies the Amalekites. David's men were naturally very upset and there was mutinous talk about stoning him. So what did David do? Did he ride away on a swift horse or put a political spin on it to take the pressure off of himself? Did he give into despair since his own 2 wives and children were also taken? No he did the simplest and most powerful thing we can every do in hard situations he looked to the Lord for strength and encouragement.

And David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because all the people were bitter in soul, each for his sons and daughters. But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God. 
1 Samuel 30:6 ESV

In the King James version it reads, "but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God". I can imagine David wandering a distance from the men to commune with God. He was likely remembering how God had cared for him in the past when things looked very difficult. He recalled how when he was a shepherd boy God enabled him to kill lions and bears that came after his sheep. And remembered how the LORD was victorious through him when he killed the giant Goliath with five small stones and a sling. Then there were the many times Saul had hunted him with murderous intent and God protected and spared his life. He encouraged himself in the LORD who had cared for him time after time and strengthened his faith that God would work again.

Last Friday as we were absorbing this news we remembered this story and began recounting the many ways God has cared for us personally: how He worked 15 1/2 years ago to provide this job when Joel was last laid off, how He worked in our recent move from Arizona to Colorado in such speedy and miraculous ways. Even when circumstances have been hard, He has been there for us sustaining, leading and providing. As we recounted time and time again when we saw His hand working in our lives we were encouraged in our faith and strengthened in our hope and faith for this situation. We continue to remind ourselves and each other of that.

Last blog post I wrote about how God used a tree falling over in the wind to meet neighbors and save over $1200. (You can read that here.) We now see that God was protecting our finances for this next season, though we had no clue at the time. We  were suppose to have taken vacation to drive 14 hours to visit our daughter's family and see our newest grand baby leaving last weekend. The day before the news of his layoff, Joel came down with a bug with fevers and cough and our daughter asked us to postpone our trip due to the risk of a respiratory bug with a newborn and two older siblings with a rare lung disease. By not leaving, not only did it give us time to process and figure out what's next, it enabled us to realize Joel really needed to be here busy job-hunting and the 70 hours vacation pay will be welcomed funds when his job ends. While my Nana's heart longs to snuggle and love on this newest grandchild and her siblings, the timing is another way God is caring for our needs and part of His plan.

So we have many questions and as of yet no answers, but there is confident hope and peace in trusting the One who has all the answers. We are trying to be wise with our decisions and choices but we need to be careful in our researching and figuring to not let the "what-ifs" overwhelm us or cause us to panic. We need to consider options but not be consumed by them. When we dwell in fear we are no longer walking in faith since fear is the opposite of faith. In fact God gives us grace for each day, not for the "what-ifs"
of the future. Pray we rest in His grace-giving care and hope as we await what is next.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for,
the conviction of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1

Rocky Mountain National Park

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
  My help comes from the Lord
the maker of heaven and earth.
Psalm 121:1-2

Praying this week each of you catch glimpses of God at work in your own circumstances.





  2. Thanks Sonda we so appreciate your prayers!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your journey, Deb. It resonates with us because ours has been so much like it...illness (MCS and allergies), losses, and many changes. But the neatest thing is that our GOD is also the same one you serve, and we have seen His fingerprints in our lives as well! Bless you for being an encouragement to us!

  4. Marj, so glad you found me here and always such a blessing to meet a MCS sister who is also a sister in Christ! Have a blessed Christmas!